Friends is one of the most famous TV Show and this challenge is based on it. You will play for six generations and each generation will have some influences from the show. This challenge was created with a lot of love and I hope you enjoy playing it!

"I'll be there for you ('Cause you're there for me too)"

First Generation - Phoebe

 “Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are they feeding you?”

  • Your mother killed herself, your father left you and you had to learn how to take care of yourself, because of that, you start this challenge without anything. You must place your Sim in an empty lot and you can only buy one guitar 

  • Set your money to 0 by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C and typing money 0, click enter

  • You can create your Sim as you wish, but you must have the following traits:

    • Creative​

    • Good

    • Erratic

  • ​You must choose "Musical Genius" as your aspiration, but you don't need to complete it

  • You can only earn money by playing the guitar

  • When you reach adulthood, you can marry

  • Must marry during snow (if you have seasons) with a rich sim

  • Must have three kids, the middle child will be the next heir

  • Outdoor Retreat: you can buy a tent

  • Cats and Dogs: you must adopt an ugly cat and you may call it "Smelly"

  • My First Pet: have seven rats

  • Island Living: go to Sulani and spend a day at the beach

Second Generation - Rachel

“It's like all my life everyone's told me, 'You are a shoe!', 'You are a shoe!', You are a shoe!"

  • You always had everything you wanted because your parents were rich, but you want to find your own path and become an independent person, because of this, you must move your sim to an apartment if you have 'City Living', if not, then move your sim to a humble house

  • Traits:

    • Materialist

    • Snob

    • Self-Assured

  • You must have a different haircut and you must change your style every week 

  • Must leave one sim at the altar, to do so, you must have a wedding arch and when your Sim is getting married, you click on the arch and select the option "Cancel Wedding"

  • Career: you must work as a Barista until you reach adulthood, after that you must change your job to Style Influencer 

  • Aspiration: Soulmate

  • You must have a public whoohoo at least once

  • You must meet a sim, fall in love and break up, even though this sim is your soulmate

  • You must have a kid before marrying with your soulmate

  • You must reconnect with your kid's father and marry him

  • Have one more baby

  • The heir will be the oldest kid

  • Outdoor Retreat: you should try to catch a Red Crawdad to represent the lobster, do not throw it because we will need it for the next generation

Third Generation - Ross

“ You love divorce so much you’re probably gonna marry it! Then it won’t work out and you’re gonna have to divorce it, divorcing guy.”


  • You are a hopeless romantic and your mother always spoiled you. You want to have a marriage just like your parents. 

  • You must collect all the fossils

  • Career: since we don't have an education field, you must become an Author since Ross writes some articles 

  • Aspiration: Nerd Brain

  • Must marry as soon as you become an young adult and you must divorce after you have a baby or during pregnancy, you can develop this story by making this sim gay

  • You must marry again with a Sim from another city, the marriage should last only one week and then you must get a divorce

  • Meet another sim and marry again, but you were drunk so you are going to get another divorce

  • Stay friends with your ex and have a kid

  • After your second kid is born, re-marry your ex

  • Traits

    • Geek​

    • Familiar

    • Jealous

  • The youngest child should be the next heir

  • Outdoor Retreat: you should try to catch another Red Crawdad and put it and the other one in an aquarium

  • Cats and Dogs: you should have an exotic animal, create one in CAS to represent Marcel 

Fourth Generation - Monica

"Now, I need you to be careful and efficient. And remember: If I am harsh with you, it's only because you're doing it wrong."

  • You suffered a lot when you were a teenager and you saw food as love. Your Sim must be fat and you must lose weight without cheats. You can use the potion that makes your sim fat, but you can only lose by doing exercises

  • Career: must become a Chef

  • Aspiration: Master Chef​

  • You must date an elder sim when you are young adult

  • You must marry your best friend when you become an adult

  • You can only have one baby (I know she has twins, but Chandler is an only child and the next generation will be Chandler)

  • Traits:

    • Perfectionist​

    • Neat

    • Ambitious

  • Cat and Dogs: Must adopt a white and big dog after getting married

Fifth Generation - Chandler

"Hi, I'm Chandler, I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable"

  • Your life changed after your parents got a divorce and to deal with your pain, you started to use sarcasm

  • Make your last Sims get a divorce, if you have "Seasons", make them break up on "Harvestfest" during the feast 

  • Career: Tech Guru - Start-up Entrepreneur Branch

  • Aspiration: Chief of Mischief

  • Must have a level 10 Mischief skill 

  • Traits:

    • Goofball​

    • Happy

    • Bro

  • You must go on a vacation and have sex with your best friend there. If you have any expansion that allows vacations, then go there and stay one weekend. If you don't have any expansions, go to a community lot of another city

  • You must marry your best friend and move to a white house with white fences

  • The marriage proposal should be cute (you can decorate the room with candles and flowers)

  • You must adopt two newborns, a boy and a girl, the boy will be the next heir

  • Get Together: buy the foosball table

Sixth Generation - Joey

“ How you doin'?”

  • Your dream is to become famous and you will try everything to achieve this

  • Career: you must be an actor if you have 'Get Famous', if you don't, then you should be Entertainer - Comedian

  • Aspiration: World-Famous Celebrity if you have 'Get Famous', if you don't 'Fabulously Wealthy'

  • Traits:

    • Childish​

    • Lazy

    • Outgoing

  • Ops, someone stole some of your stuff! Make your sim lose 5000 Simoleons. To do so, you press Ctrl + Shift + C and type money x, where x is the amount of money your sim will have, for example, if your sim has 6500, then type money 1500

  • You must wear blue lipstick for a week

  • You must have a stuffed bear named 'Hugsy' that will stay at your bedroom

  • Never marry, but this doesn't mean that you can't have a lot of romantic relationships

  • Order pizza every Sunday

  • If you have 'Get Famous', move to Sunset Valley, if you don't, move to another city

  • The challenge ends when your sim become famous. If you have 'Get Famous', you must write a custom inscription on the tile and place it down on the walk of fame. If you don't, then you have to top the comedian career

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